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Sell data assets or fulfill data requests for profit.
Buy or request datasets for new data driven insights.


A global data exchange for all
Powered by hut34's hutX data technology and $ENTRP tokens, theAgora allows users to permissionlessly discover, share & monetise data assets. Explore the global dataverse, securely share & collaborate or provide data and data services and start to earn from the open data economy.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants

Isaac Newton, 1675
Built with Ethereum, IPFS and hutX protocol, theAgora allows users to easily and rapidly access the benefits of web 3.0 data technology
Turn data into profit
Create and monetise data assets

Leverage hutX data technology to easily turn your data into saleable assets. Collect, curate or create value added data analytics and earn rewards for your efforts.

Get the data you need
Request unique datasets and services

Using our Request for Data (RFD) functionality request any information you require. Request datasets, data cleaning, collection or data services. Set a price you're willing to pay and share the RFD across theAgora's Dataverse.

Explore the DataVerse
Discover unique datasets.

Search theAgora Dataverse - a hutX powered data commons - and discover unique datasets. Browse by meta-tags, or explore visually through topic, user and even content based connections. If you're a computer, easily monitor our graph for the insight or data you're looking for. ‍

A data science gig economy
Fulfill user data requests and earn.

Explore theAgora dataverse to discover and complete user requests. Earn rewards for successful completion across a range of data services.

Your keys, your data. Maintain control
Self sovereign data storage

Interact with a simple drag and drop interface to securely store your data using IPFS web 3.0 technology.

Distributed Storage

Tap in to the power of IPFS, without technical knowledge or experience. Use our interface to harnesses ‘IPFS’ storage nodes to achieve persistent distributed storage.

Your keys, your data

Your data is only available to you. With AES256 encryption, and keys registered on the Ethereum public blockchain, you and only you can ever access your data. Easily manage data transactions through our interface and stay in control.

Powered by $ENTRP tokens
ERC20 Compliant
ERC-20 Standard

Entropy tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens. Browse the source on Etherscan at any time, and purchase or exchange on DEXs, Uniswap and Balancer pools.

Earn $ENTRP activity rewards

Earn $ENTRP rewards for buying, selling and fulfilling data requests on theAgora.

Stake $ENTRP and earn

Mint dUSD, provide data attestation or underwrite dataset stakers to earn $ENTRP rewards.

Seed ecosystem liquidity

Provide pool liquidity for $ENTRP token ecosystem participants and earn LP rewards.

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